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Your potential clients are connected so connect with them

Our team will meet with you to identify your business goals, brand objectives, and review any materials you provide us with that will help us shape out your marketing strategy. After that we create a project brief including a timeline for deliverables.

Research & Analysis
After we learn more about your business, we will conduct marketing research and an in-depth audit of your industry landscape in order to identify cultural trends, define your target customer, and determine the value propositions that make your brand stand out in the market.

Engagement Plan
We craft the messaging that properly communicates the voice of your company, determine the specific channels that will help reach your target audience, and define the KPIs that will help us track and measure the results of your marketing campaigns.

Creative Concept Development
We use the established messaging and branding to design all of the creative assets needed to conduct the campaign and bring the marketing concept to life.

Activation Plan
Once the initial marketing strategy placed, we will create an activation plan for how to execute your campaign. (Allocation of the budget for each marketing channel, media plan and execution timeline)

Through research and competitive analysis, we work to form a deep understanding of your goals as a brand in order to develop a content marketing strategy, and to determine exactly which content marketing initiatives will communicate effectively with your audience.

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